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During the period of 34 years of his service in Jilha Parishad, his honesty and hard-work was recognized by his collegues as evident from the fact that With liking for social work, he entered into the Halba Samaj Seva Mandal of Bhingar in 1986. Starting as an ordinary ‘Karyakarta’, he has, for the past several years, been working as the Honoroury Secretary of the Adiwasi Halba Samaj, Bhingar. He has, to his record, the following achievements, during his tenure in the Halba Samaj, Impressed with the commendable work being carried out by Shri. Krishna Vishwanath Parate, the Suyash Group of Halbas felicitated him at the recently held function at Nashik and was awarded the Halba Samaj Bhushan Puraskar in the form of Shaal, Sriphal and a Memoir.

We wish Shri. Krishna Parate a long life, full of good health and peace of mind, so that the community of Halbas at large continue to draw benefits of his service for many more years to come.
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